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Reports of Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) activity serve several purposes. Reports provide:

  • A basis for continuity of operation
  • Accountability
  • Efficient operation through elimination of double work
  • Permanent records
  • Proof of HCSO action
  • The official HCSO memory
  • Protection from unjustified accusations
  • A method to provide statistical data
  • A source of information
  • Planning and research
  • Evaluation of progress towards attaining goals [CALEA Standard 11.4.1]

Any incident that occurs during a shift of duty shall be documented by a report or as designated by the bureau manual.

Administrative Reporting System

The administrative reporting system is established to provide a continuous and accurate flow of information between management and operations units. Administrative reports shall be originated as required by HCSO policy and forwarded through the chain of command for review and dissemination to the appropriate personnel. [CALEA Standards 11.4.1, 11.4.3, 12.2.1]

The accreditation manager shall conduct a biannual review of all reports required in the Required Accreditation Reports tables of this section to ensure timely submission and compliance with CALEA standards.

Incident Reports

Written reports documenting an action or situation in which the HCSO is involved or to which the HCSO may respond

Daily Reports

Written reports and briefings forwarded through the chain of command as necessary

  • Shift briefings
  • Verbal exchange between shifts
  • E-mail entries: “Sheriff’s Office Related Business”
  • Weekly Reports:

Inspection reports

  • As required by the HCSO

Monthly Reports

  • Operations activity reports
  • Crime analysis reports
  • Uniform crime reports
  • Fiscal management reports
  • Human Resources and personnel reports
  • Detentions reports
  • Inspection reports
  • Payroll reports
  • As required by the HCSO

Quarterly Reports

  • Sheriff’s quarterly report
  • Project updates
  • Fiscal management reports
  • Inspection reports
  • Human Resources reports
  • As required by the HCSO

Annual Reports

  • Sheriff’s annual report
  • Yearly activity report
  • Crime statistics report
  • Budget report
  • Financial report
  • Bureau goals and objectives report
  • Workload assessment report (triennially – every three years)
  • Use of force analysis report
  • As required by the HCSO

Retention schedule for the above listed reports

Daily and weekly reports:          1 year after month created

Monthly reports:                          2 years after month created

Quarterly reports:                       2 years after quarter created

Annual reports:                           2 years after year created

Any additional/investigative forms that have NOT been scanned into MFR as an attachment shall be attached to a copy of the Public Release MFR report and submitted to the appropriate Agency/Division/Section.

Each Bureau shall designate a sufficient number of “Custodian of Records” for their designated areas(s).  The Bureau “Custodian of Records” shall be responsible for ensuring all original HCSO supporting document(s) that have been submitted for shredding are only shredded AFTER they have been verified to have been completely, accurately and legibly scanned into the MFR E-file system.

The “custodian of records” that conducted the verification shall supplement the original MFR report, noting that they “verify the scanned document is a true and accurate copy of the document in the MFR (E-file) original report, and is the record copy for legal purposes”.  Examples of document(s):

  • Witness statements
  • Consent to search
  • Property receipts
  • Victim Assistance Card
  • DIC-23; DIC-24; DIC-25
  • Intoxilyzer Operator Supplement
  • ME’s Lab Report
  • Copies of bank statements and store receipts

Required Accreditation Reports

[CALEA Standards 11.4.1, 11.4.3]

Incident Reporting

4.2.1Use of Force MFR Offense ReportDeputy InvolvedIncidentDivision Commander
4.2.2Use of Force Report Blue Team Entry/ReviewSupervisorIncidentDivision Commander
41.2.2 iPursuit Report and Blue Team Entry/ReviewSupervisorIncidentBureau Commander
41.2.3 eForcible Stop Report and Blue Team Entry/ReviewSupervisorIncidentBureau Commander
46.1.3 iAfter Action Report for Critical IncidentsBureau CommanderIncidentSheriff
70.1.7 bEscape of Prisoner Being TransportedDeputy InvolvedIncidentBureau Commander
73.5.21Threat to Facility or PersonDeputy InvolvedIncidentBureau Commander
83.2.6Crime Scene ReportCrime Scene InvestigatorIncidentFirst Line Supervisor
84.1.1In-Custody Property ReportDeputy InvolvedIncidentFirst Line Supervisor
84.1.6 bInventory or Audit Performed When Change in Property or Evidence Custodian OccursBureau CommanderIncidentSheriff or Designee

Daily and Weekly Reports

StandardDaily and Weekly Reports / ActivitiesResponsibilityDueTo
73.5.6First Aid Kit Visual InspectionHolding Deputy (Courts Division)Weekly MondayDivision Commander
73.5.9 aDocumented Visual Inspection of Fire EquipmentHolding Deputy (Courts Division)Weekly MondayDivision Commander
73.5.9 bVisual Inspection of Fire EquipmentHolding Deputy (Courts Division)DailyDivision Commander
73.5.11Documented Sanitation InspectionHolding Deputy (Courts Division)Weekly MondayDivision Commander
73.5.17Documented Security Inspection for Weapons and ContrabandHolding Deputy (Courts Division)Weekly MondayDivision Commander

Monthly Reports

StandardMonthly Reports / ActivitiesResponsibilityDueTo
17.4.1Fiscal Management Status ReportFinance DirectorIn 5 daysBureau Commanders
81.3.2Power Source TestFacilities and Property ManagementIn 5 daysDivision Commander

Quarterly Reports

StandardQuarterly Reports / ActivitiesResponsibilityDueTo
17.4.2 fCash Accounting ReportFinance DirectorMinimum QuarterlySheriff
35.1.3New Employee Performance EvaluationFirst Line SupervisorPer PolicyBureau Commander
  45.2.1 eCommunity Affairs Activity ReportCommunity Services SupervisorOctober / January April / JulySheriff
46.1.8Critical Incident Equipment ReadinessDivision CommanderOctober / January April / JulyBureau Commander

Semi-Annual Reports

StandardSemi-Annual Reports / ActivitiesResponsibilityDueTo
73.5.9 aFire Equipment TestFire and Life Safety UnitOctober 1 March 1Division Commander
84.1.6 aProperty Control Procedures InspectionProperty Room SupervisorOctober 1 March 1Bureau Commander

Biennial Reports (Every Two Years)

StandardTriennial Reports / ActivitiesResponsibilityDueTo
21.2.4Workload AssessmentBureau CommanderAt least once every four yearsSheriff or Designee
45.1.1 cCrime Prevention Program EvaluationCommunity Services CommanderAt least once every two yearsBureau Commander
45.2.2Citizen SurveyCommunity Services CommanderEvery two yearsSheriff or Designee
55.1.2Victims’ Rights Need AnalysisCriminal Investigations CommanderAt least once every two yearsBureau Commander
73.2.1 cCourt Security Needs SurveyDivision CommanderAt least once every two yearsBureau Commander

Annual Reports

StandardAnnual Reports / ActivitiesResponsibilityDueTo
1.2.9 dBias-Based Profiling ReportBureau CommanderAnnuallySheriff or Designee
4.2.4Use of Force AnalysisBureau CommanderAnnuallySheriff or Designee  
4.2.5Assault on Sworn Officer AnalysisHomicideAnnuallySheriff or Designee
15.2.1Update of Goals ReportBureau CommanderOctober 31Sheriff or Designee
17.2.2Budget Recommendation ReportBureau Commander / Finance DirectorNovember 30Sheriff or Designee
22.4.3Grievances AnalysisHuman ResourcesJanuary 31Sheriff or Designee
35.1.2Employee Performance EvaluationBureau CommanderBy June 30Bureau Commander
35.1.9 cPersonnel Early Warning SystemBureau CommanderAnnuallyBureau Commander
41.2.2 jPursuit ReportVehicular Crimes DivisionAnnuallyBureau Commander
42.1.6 iCriminal Intelligence Procedures and Process ReviewDivision CommanderAnnuallyBureau Commander
26.2.5Internal Affairs Investigations Statistical SummaryIAD CommanderAnnuallySheriff or Designee
73.5.9 bDocumented Testing of the Automatic Fire Detection Devices and AlarmsFire and Life Safety UnitAs required by the local fire codeDivision Commander
82.1.6 dCentral Records Computer SystemSystems DivisionOctober 31Bureau Commander
84.1.6 cProperty Room AuditAppointed by CommanderOctober 31Sheriff
84.1.6 dProperty Room InspectionSheriff or DesigneeUnannouncedSheriff

Required Training

StandardRequired TrainingResponsibilityDueTo
1.2.9 bTraining Agency Personnel in Bias-Based Profiling Issues / Legal AspectsAcademyAs ScheduledBureau Commander
4.3.3Firearms / Use of Force / Legal Update TrainingAcademyAs Scheduled Annually / BienniallyBureau Commander
33.5.1Re-Training (Policy, Procedures, Rules, Regulations, Specialized)AcademyAs Scheduled AnnuallyBureau Commander
41.2.7 eMentally Ill Persons (CIT) (All Personnel)AcademyAnnuallyBureau Commander
46.1.9 a  Training on “All Hazard” Plan (Essential Personnel)Bureau CommanderAnnuallyBureau Commander
46.1.9 bTabletop/Full-scale exercise training  Bureau CommanderBienniallyBureau Commander
73.5.1Court Holding Facility and Fire Suppression / Equipment TrainingDivision CommanderAt least once every two yearsBureau Commander


This policy has been revised on the below listed dates:

April 21, 2009

January 26, 2011

May 15, 2018

October 31, 2018

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