Rule 9: Certification and Appointment

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All original appointments and reinstatements to the classified service shall be made by the Sheriff, under and in conformity with the provisions of the Civil Service law and these rules.


(a) Original Appointment to Classified Service :

  1. Candidates shall be ranked in accordance with the date of their approval for employment.
  2. The Sheriff or his designated representative shall conduct pre-employment background investigations, as needed and as required by law, to determine candidates ability to meet and to adhere to the high standards of conduct of this Department.

(b) Promotions Within the Classified Service :

The appointing authority shall promote employees within the classified service on basis of the ranking on the Eligibility List.


(a) Promotions :

  1. The Director of the Civil Service Commission shall assemble candidates into a list, based on a composite of all required scores and past experience.
  2. In the event of a tie in the scores of two or more candidates, the candidate who was employed first shall be given priority.

(b) New Employees :

The appointing authority shall select new employees from the employment eligibility list as follows:

  1. For each position available, the Sheriff shall select from the top candidates in descending order.
  2. If any candidate shall be passed over on five occasions, the Sheriff and his staff shall submit in writing to the Commission the justification for so doing and, if justified in the judgment of the Commission, the name shall be dropped from the list.


(a) Employees who were in good standing at time of resignation may seek reemployment with the Sheriff’s Department. At the discretion of the Sheriff, they may be placed at the top of the eligibility list for employment if such employees seek reemployment within twenty-four (24) calendar months of resignation.

(b) Employees separated from service due to shortage of positions shall be placed on a reinstatement list as outlined in Rule 16.

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