Rule 10: Records and Reports

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Human Resources shall maintain a complete official roster of employees, showing for each employee his name, address, telephone number and Bureau assignment.


(a) The Civil Service Commission may have access to such personnel records for routine use that is compatible with the purpose for which such records were compiled and as necessary to carry out the Commission’s duties, provided:

  1. The individual to whom the record pertains gives prior written consent to such disclosures; or
  2. The Commission gives advance adequate written assurance that the records will be used solely as a statistical research or reporting record, and the records to be disclosed are in a form that is not individually identifiable.

(b) The conditions set out in section (a) above are met, access to these records will be available upon receipt of a written request from the Commission stating the records needed and the reason for which they are needed. Such records will not be disclosed to the public.


Records pertaining to a complaint and the investigation of such shall be kept permanently. Records pertaining to any examination, eligibility list or lists and general miscellaneous correspondence may be destroyed after five (5) years.


In this section, “employee record” means any letter, memorandum, or document maintained by the department that relates to a department employee.

(a) An employee record relating to disciplinary action taken against an employee or to alleged misconduct by the employee that is placed in the employee’s permanent personnel file shall be removed from the file if a court or an administrative body of competent jurisdiction, including the sheriff’s department civil service commission, determines that:

  1. the disciplinary action was taken without just cause; or
  2. the charge of misconduct was not supported by sufficient evidence.
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