209 – Time Off Benefits

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I. Policy

A. Eligibility for an excused or paid absence (vacation, holiday, sick leave, jury duty, or funeral leave) shall be based upon the hours that the employee is regularly scheduled to work each day.

“Authorized Time Off from Duty” forms shall be required as documentation of all authorized absences. The forms are available on the HCSO Intranet site under the “Human Resources Division” link.

If the employee’s Bureau or Division uses the TeleStaff system, notations on his or her personal calendar shall be submitted in lieu of the aforementioned forms.

B. Vacation:

1. Employees will be allowed absence for vacation at the employee’s regular rate of pay and according to the employee’s regular work schedule.

2. Requests for vacation shall be submitted to the employee’s Supervisor at least two weeks in advance of the beginning date of the desired absence. The requesting and granting of vacation leave shall be in accordance with Harris County personnel regulations.

C. Holidays:

Employees shall observe the holiday schedule authorized by Harris County Commissioners Court and outlined in Harris County personnel regulations.

1. Employees may not take more than the number of holidays authorized. Supervisors will be responsible for scheduling off time for employees so that law enforcement, detention, emergency, and other vital functions of the agency are not interrupted.

2. All division commanders shall ensure the current holiday schedule is posted and available for their respective personnel.


This policy has been revised on the below listed dates:

April 21, 2009

June 24, 2014

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