Section 14. Separation From Employment

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14.01 To the extent permitted by law, employees have the status of “employee-at-will” and do not have a contractual right, express or implied, to remain employed by the County. Your employment may be terminated for any reason and at any time without notice. As a matter of law, employees have no tenure. Similarly, you may resign with or without notice at any time.

14.02 Not reporting to work and not calling to report the absence (no call/no show) is a serious matter. If you do not report to work without contacting your supervisor as required by department policy, you may be disciplined, including termination. Some departments consider a no call/no show lasting three days to be job abandonment and a voluntary resignation. Be sure you know your department’s policy.

14.03 The Texas Payday Act does not apply to Harris County.


14.041 You will get paid based on your final regular rate of pay for unused Vacation unless you separate and return to the County without a Break in Employment. For purposes of this section, Vacation does not include allowances, incentives or Longevity Pay.

14.0411 Part Time and Temporary Employees who forfeit their Vacation Leave balance as outlined in §12.033, will get paid for their forfeited vacation hours upon separation.

14.042 You will get paid for unused Compensatory Time as outlined in the policy on Overtime Compensation and Compensatory Time.

14.043 Employees who separate with a Break in Employment forfeit all accrued Sick Leave, including Family Sick and Wellness Leave.

14.044 Employees who separate employment with the County lose coverage on the last date of the pay period following their separation date.

14.045 Departments should refer to the Harris County Auditor’s Form 3412 Employee Separation Summary when processing a separation.

You must return all County property and equipment (e.g., keys, cell phone, laptop, and badge) in your custody before receiving your final pay. The County takes all steps necessary to collect monies you owe and to get back all County property and equipment.

Regular Position
(At least 32 hours
per week –
Part Time and
Part Time
Model Positions
Position and
Temporary Model
Sick LeaveYesNo No
Sick Leave PoolYesNo No
Paid Parental Leave & Infant Sick LeaveYesNo No
Vacation LeaveYesNo No
Retirement benefitsYesYesNo
Compensatory TimeYesYesYes
Med/Life/LTD, etc.
YesNo No
HolidaysYesNo No
Funeral LeaveYesNo No
Temporary Military
Jury or Witness DutyYesNo No
Workers’ CompensationYes YesYes
FMLAYes YesYes
Longevity PayYesNo No
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