Section 10. Emergency Situations

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To be paid for absences such as, but not limited to, those described below, you will have to use available Vacation Leave, Compensatory Time, Sick Leave (only if appropriate), or Floating Holiday(s). If you miss work in these situations, even with your supervisor’s approval, but do not have any appropriate Paid Leave, you will likely be docked. Under certain circumstances, you may be allowed to work from home. Or if you miss work, your department may (or may not) allow you to make up the missed time.

We provide important services for the people of Harris County on a daily basis. During disasters some of these services are critical, including emergency communications and rescue and recovery operations. Your department should have a plan for dangerous weather events. Some employees will be required to work before, during, and after a disaster to keep operations functioning. Others might be needed to support those essential operations. During those times, your job duties and where you perform them will likely change. Still others may be instructed to stay home and check in with their supervisors.

Know what your department plan is before an emergency, including whether you will be required to report to work during a disaster. Make sure you have discussed your role with your supervisor. If you are required to report to work during a disaster, you need to have plans (and back-up plans) for getting to your emergency work location and for taking care of your family, your home, and your pets. Update those plans frequently and discuss them with your supervisor.

If something happens that makes it unbearable for employees to remain at work or to function effectively, like the air conditioner or heater stops working, your supervisor may let you leave work. If you do not have appropriate Paid Leave to cover the absence or work to do from home, you will be docked.

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