I have a question about the policy…?

Please contact the experts in that particular policy. For example, if you have a question about the firearms training policy, please contact the range.

I have feedback about the policy…?

If you have feedback about any policy, you can submit your feedback by visiting that policy’s page and scrolling to the feedback form on the very bottom of the page. Your feedback will be considered during the next review phase.

Why are some policy numbers missing?

They have been rescinded or replaced by other policies. Eventually, new policies may take those vacant numbers.

How do I find a policy?

On the homepage are all the current policies and executive orders. Look for it by name, category, or search.

Search tips

  • Use quotes to search for specific phrases.
  • Search for acronyms. Searching for “mfr” also searches for “mobile field reporting”.
  • Whatever you searched for will be highlighted in your results, and in the policy you select.

What are CALEA Standards?

Read all about CALEA on the dedicated CALEA FAQs page.