Rule 15: Performance Evaluations

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(a) The performance evaluation plan shall consist of objective service rating standards and reports that shall serve as a means whereby supervisory personnel and individual employees may review the actual performance of all personnel in relation to their duty assignments.

(b) The performance evaluation shall further be a means of ascertaining and encouraging the improvement in performance by individual personnel and as a means for securing effective supervision of all personnel.


(a) Performance evaluation reports shall be prepared on an annual basis for all permanent employees not on probation.

(b) Performance evaluation reports shall also be prepared during probationary periods in accordance with Rule 8, Probation and Disciplinary Probation.

(c) Performance evaluations shall further be completed for all employees upon termination of employment with this agency. This shall include resignation.

(d) Unscheduled performance ratings may be completed at any time as deemed necessary for either probationary or permanent employees.


These specific rating standards shall be applied uniformly in rating the efficiency and performance of each employee in accordance with the procedure adopted by the Civil Service Commission.


The specific factors rated shall be applied uniformly in rating the efficiency and performance of each employee. The factors rated shall be recommended by the Sheriff and his staff and approved by the Civil Service Commission.

15.05 REVIEW

(a) Upon completion of the performance evaluation, the rater shall conduct a review of said performance evaluation with the subject employee in complete privacy. During this interview, any progress, goals, suggestions for improvement, and deficiencies shall be covered.

(b) Any changes in performance ratings must be initialed in ink by the employee and the rater.


Upon completion of the review of the performance evaluation report, the subject employee shall be afforded an opportunity to enter any comments in the appropriate space. The employee shall also indicate whether he does or does not wish to discuss the performance evaluation report with the reviewer. The rater and subject employee shall sign and date all copies of the report. The employee’s signature indicates that the conference has been held and an opportunity afforded to read the report. If the employee refuses to sign for any reason, the refusal shall be recorded on the report, after which it shall be forwarded.


(a) Should the employee request a review of said performance evaluation report with the reviewer, his request shall be granted within five (5) working days.

(b) Any changes or modifications of ratings at this level must be initialed by the reviewer and employee.

(c) If the employee, after discussing the performance evaluation report with the reviewer, feels need for further review, the employee may appeal immediately in writing to his Bureau Commander. The Bureau Commander’s word shall be final.


A copy of all performance evaluations shall be forwarded to the Human Resources Bureau and shall be available to the Civil Service Commission upon request.

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